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Manufacturer graphics for the iPhone showed the potential of the technology of ray tracing to create a “generaliztions” graphics

Developers graphic cores have been around for acceleration of ray tracing. Embodiment of mechanisms for working with individual rays will raise the graphics to a new level, bringing us to what is called the “generalismo”. The British company Imagination Technologies, which is engaged in the design of mobile graphics accelerators for the iPhone and iPad, demonstrated the technology capabilities of tracing rays, which will greatly enhance the realism of graphics in mobile video games.

Produced by Imagination Technologies graphics used in all mobile Apple devices starting from iPhone 3GS. In February, the company officially confirmed that Apple has extended the license agreement for the use of its products in the field of graphic processors. Therefore, most likely, the technology of ray tracing will be implemented in the new generation iPhone and iPad.

Previously, the manufacturer introduced the PowerVR GR6500, which became the first mobile GPU that contains the selected unit Ray Tracing Unit (RTU), which is responsible for image formation by ray tracing technique. However, consumer segment, this technology is still not reached, while a professional table boosters are sold for quite some time.

GPU PowerVR Wizard is able to accelerate ray tracing for graphics needs at any level. But above all, we are talking about smartphones and tablets. Highly realistic three-dimensional graphics and the plausibility of transparency is due to the fact that each stream of light is calculated separately. The effect is noticeable if the image includes a complex reflection, for example, the reflection of light on polished or semi-transparent surfaces.

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Imagination Technologies has demonstrated the capabilities of new technology ray-tracing for mobile devices demo video:

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