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Manufacturer graphics for iOS devices, Imagination Technologies cuts staff

Imagination Technologies Group, a British developer of graphic graphic accelerators and microprocessors, announced a major restructuring. The company seeks to dispose of assets that are not recognized as a priority, and work could lose 350.

The main pillars that support PowerVR, are Apple, Intel and Samsung. Royalty only of these three companies at Imagination Technologies must constantly ring in your wallet. But, as it turns out, does not ring or rings, almost inaudibly. The company is waiting to receive the net loss by the end of this Vigoda ending the thirtieth of April, in turn, the previous forecast had put the acquisition of profit. By the end of April, when the calendar of the British company will end the financial year will be presented with a restructuring plan, which would save for the year of approximately $39.7 million at the current exchange rate.

It is worth noting that Apple used PowerVR graphics core under the mode of reducing the misses – on the contrary, Imagination is going to hire about 50 new professionals to work in this direction. In addition, the priority activities included development of CPUs with the MIPS architecture – but with some reservations on resource optimization.

Ensigma telecommunications section will also be added to the priority directions of business development. These statements encouraged investors, so the stock price Imagination Technologies has grown by 7.6%. The company said that asset buyers interested in Pure, so he may soon find new owners and to Supplement the budget of the Imagination proceeds from the sale.

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Note that in February, Imagination Technologies presented at MWC 2016 new family of graphics processors, which probably will be used in iPhone 7. According to the manufacturer, these new GPUs deliver the best performance in terms of chip size on the market. For example, when equal with the decisions Series7XE speed fill, new PowerVR chips Series8XE occupy 25% less space. PowerVR Series8XE supports all relevant APIs, including OpenGL ES 1.0 and 3.2 Vulkan. The assets also support hardware virtualization and Imagination OmniShield.

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