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Manual cutting pink MacBook has become an Internet hit [video]

Enthusiasts, leading his own YouTube channel called “What’s Inside?”, known for his abuse of computer equipment. New video on proper sawing MacBook using a grinder, quickly gained popularity among the Internet users.

Apple introduced an updated line of compact laptops on April 19. Now the 12-inch MacBook powered by Intel Core M sixth generation (the item has been added), faster RAM and SSD, graphics Intel HD Graphics 515, which, according to Apple, provides a 25 percent performance boost and increased battery capacity. In addition, the devices received the colour “rose gold”.

Enthusiasts decided to see what would happen with a new MacBook if its to saw sharpening circle. The authors of the experiment, to share its results, even removed about it 8-minute video.

At the beginning of the video shows a completely functional gadget. They talk about the characteristics of the pink MacBook and compare it to the MacBook Pro. “Let’s see what’s inside,” says one of the enthusiasts and started sawing screen grinder. Making a small cut, the presenter notices that the laptop still works – shows the image. “But let’s not rest on our laurels,” said enthusiast and started.

Posted on YouTube the day the video gained more than 800,000 hits.

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