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Major developers are increasingly abandoning applications for Apple Watch

Popular online services increasingly refuse to support the Apple Watch. In may, as we wrote, from the app store for smart watch was mis sing Google Maps and eBay, and now without an official client for the Apple Watch remains a popular American grocery store chain Whole Foods.

As reported by 9to5Mac, the latest update, Whole Foods for disappeared iOS app for the Apple Watch. Along with iOS 9 app lost the support of “smart” hours. A month earlier, without integration with Apple Watch is left application a major online retailer Amazon and online retailer Target.

The main question which should be answered in the Apple, if the company wants to make the Apple Watch really popular – “why you need this device?” From the beginning, analysts argued that the success of smart watches depend on third-party applications; however, that the company still has problems.

The solution of major services to no longer support apps for the Apple Watch is a bad signal. And the fact that it remained unnoticed for a long time, means that the program for “smart” watches of the company are not popular among users.

At the moment, not Whole Foods announced plans to further support the Apple Watch.

According to analysts Canalys, in 2016, Apple has released 11.9 million Apple Watch, taking 49% of the market “smart” hours. Apple Watch third generation is expected in the second half of this year.

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