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Mail.Ru released a new application “access Code” for iOS

Mail.Ru Group has released the app “Access Code” for iOS, designed for users who want to provide their mailbox additional protection by using two-factor authentication. App installed on iPhone or iPad, allows you to receive one-time codes, even if cellular communication is not available at this time. It can be used not only for products Mail.Ru but for any service that supports two-factor authentication.

“Access code” allows you to receive one-time codes, which are used as second factor for authentication. It is designed to make easier work with services that support two-factor authentication – first and foremost, Email Mail.Ru. The app works on the basis of the General standard Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP), so it is possible to generate codes for any services that support this standard: Facebook, Google, Vkontakte, Evernote, Github, Dropbox and others.

Two-factor authentication provides double protection for an account: if enabled, log will be required to enter not only a password but also a one-time code. To get the codes and SMS, however, this method has disadvantages. The message may not arrive or be delayed, for example, if a subscriber is out of range or the operator is experiencing technical problems; the subscriber’s account may be blocked; the user can replace the SIM card and forget to change the mobile number in the Mail settings. With the app “access Code” such problems are eliminated.

In order to start using the app, you must install it from the App Store, but the web version of the Email Mail.Ru (see “Password and security”) activate method of obtaining codes through the mobile app.

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Download “access Code” on the iPhone and iPad at this link.

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