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Mail.Ru launched an application for joint visits BeepCar rival BlaBlaCar

Mail.Ru Group released a search app for passengers and drivers to travel between cities and through the city. Service called BeepCar acts as a rival BlaBlaCar.

Company Group launches rapidsharegay service BeepCar. Drivers can sell seats in their car for joint visits. Service will be at first available in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

In BeepCar the user can register as a driver or as a passenger. The driver must specify where he is going — the project work for longer trips, for example from Moscow to St. Petersburg. It is also necessary to specify how many free seats in the car and how much is one place. A passenger who is looking for a way to get to another city that’s cheaper, in the search specifies the route and selects the driver with suitable price, day and time of departure.

In Group said they want to convey to the audience information about the “collaborative consumption economy” and the opportunities it gives people.

“Sharing economy model of resource sharing — is becoming increasingly urgent. The worldwide market for such services is growing, says Artamonov. — In Russia, for the development of the sharing economy has huge potential. Ridesharing — perhaps the most needed segment of this economic model, given the size of our country and the state of the transport system. The level of awareness about the sharing economy, and in particular ridesharing in our country is very low. The level of competition in this niche is still low,” said the company.

The project has a website and a mobile application for iOS and Android. Now the registration is by a mobile phone. Later it will be possible to use accounts in social networks. The driver can specify the name, surname, gender, date of birth, email address, photo, driving record and describe the car you Can add any other information about yourself, such as musical preferences.

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In the service system ratings and reviews — as implemented, for example, taxi services. Drivers will be able to rate passengers and Vice versa.

On the first stage relationship between the driver and the passenger will provide the telephone number and email address. Later in the service promise to implement chat rooms for single trips.

Payment will occur in person. Later it will be able to pay within the service through electronic payments. Yet Group is not going to monetize the service commissions will not.

The main competitor Group market ridesharing is BlaBlaCar, a French startup, started in 2006.

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