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Mail.Ru has released a new iOS app Likemore for content recommendations

Mail.Ru Group announced a new mobile application Likemore. It recommends that the user content from popular sites and communities from a social network “Vkontakte” based on the profile of his interests. The user who installed Likemore do not need to move from one resource to another — just open the app to see the latest publications on interesting subjects.

Likemore established on the basis of large-scale Recommender systems, which is developed by a team of Search Mail.Ru told in the company. The system aggregates content from approximately 2,000 popular Internet sources: entertainment and information resources and communities of “Vkontakte”.

Recommendations are formed taking into account the personal profile of the user’s interests. When you first start Likemore offers to choose interesting sections of the 13. In addition, the app can connect an account in Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki or Email Mail.Ru and then Likemore will be able to consider online activity of the user during formation of the tape. The application also analyzes the level of users about what they like or don’t like the content: these data will be used to improve the quality of recommendations.

“Over the past six years, the team Search Mail.Ru working to create large-scale recommendation platform, which collects information about user behavior in open source and builds a personal profile of their interests, — says the head of Search Mail.Ru Andrey Kalinin. — Now we run on the basis of this platform’s new products.

Recently we have offered site owners the service myWidget, which selects for readers interesting content, increasing engagement and increasing the depth of view. Likemore app works in a similar way, but delivers content directly to end users. In some sense it can be called a personal Navigator to Internet content”.

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Download Likemore available for free on iPhone on this link.

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