All Apple news Group accused of spying on users Facebook Group secretly collect information about users of Facebook. This was reported by “Kommersant” with reference to CNN. In Group and Facebook don’t see this as a problem.

It is reported that 61 companies, including Group, obtained the data about Facebook users and their friends. The company knew the name, gender, date of birth, location of people, what positions they like and “see” their pictures. According to Facebook, this practice continued until may 2015. But judging by the testimony that the representatives of Facebook gave the U.S. Congress, the company continued to share these data. Group has created “hundreds” of applications for Facebook. Some of them were test and never spread. Only two applications were the code that collected the data. What about the apps in question are unknown. The senators believe that the relationship of Facebook and Group require further testing.

In Facebook said that the leadership of the social network is no reason to believe that the data used for illegal purposes. In Group also deny the possibility of charges.

“Facebook not found any evidence of improper use of data from our side, as we had stated. We are ready to pass a technical audit on this issue, which would require our American partners,” — said the press service Group “Kommersant”.

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