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“Mail of Russia” will pay to the inhabitant of the Volgograd region for two lost iPhone 133 000

In January 2013, a resident of the city of Volzhsky, Volgograd region decided to make himself and his wife gifts – he ordered two iPhone 5. Three years ago, the purchase cost him 40 000 rubles – at the exchange rate at that time. Volzhanin has made upfront payment and began to track the path of the parcel.

In the same month, the goods sent from the United States, and in February the parcel has passed customs clearance in Russia. But in 2013, not even two years later “Apple” smartphone to the buyer never got the package with the phones seemed to have disappeared in the air. In March 2013, the customer wrote a complaint in the “Mail of Russia” about the disappearance of the order. And received an official response that the mail was lost on the territory of the Russian Federation. Damages the office refused.

“In March 2013, the man wrote a complaint to the Federal state unitary enterprise “Mail of Russia” upon loss of the parcel. In April of 2013 to the email address the reply came from representatives of the Ministry, and in September 2013, the plaintiff received a reply already from the Volga post office UFPS of the Volgograd region branch of FSUE “Mail of Russia” about what is really the mail was lost on the territory of the Russian Federation. Willingly to compensate for the damage of the FSUE “Russian Post” refused” – quoted Vdv-s the statement of the press service of the Volga city court.

Angered Volzhanin went to court, demanding to collect with “mail of Russia” the amount of damages for provision of postal services (40 052 rubles), penalty (40 052 rubles), compensation of moral harm (20 000 rubles) and expenses on payment of representative’s services (18 000).

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The court partially satisfied the claim of the men charged in the end with the company 133 156 rubles, and also requiring the “Mail of Russia” to return to the budget income of the Volga state fee in the amount of 2 603 roubles 12 kopecks.

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