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“Mail of Russia” has announced plans to deliver packages by drones

The quality of the work of “Mail of Russia” has long been a byword. Apparently, in the company’s management decided to change the situation and to resort to innovative methods of delivery of parcels. Soon parcels and letters “Mail of Russia” will deliver to the recipients with the help of drones. Vehicles should enter service in 2017.

Test flights of the drones to “Mail of Russia” will be held in the spring of 2017. It was originally planned to test drones last summer.

“Test flights were to be held in the Urals, but because of the time it’s going to be problematic,” — said TASS a source close to “Mail of Russia”. According to him, in this regard, it was decided to postpone testing in the spring of 2017.

Technical Director of “Tiber” (manufacturer of drones) Sergey Tizik confirmed that the company together with “Mail of Russia” is preparing to conduct a joint experiment to deliver mail inside hard-to-reach regions of Russia. Planned the experiment, carried out within 7 days. To implement the flight was found the branch of “Mail of Russia”, around which within a radius of 300 metres there are no objects.

This delivery system is already used by some international companies. Not so long ago the head of Amazon Jeff Bezos announced the first delivery of goods to customers with a drone. It happened December 7. The footage video shows how the drone was taken to one of the buyers in the UK the console Amazon Fire TV and a bag of popcorn. The delivery took 13 minutes. A new service called Prime Air.

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