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Mail Mail.Ru for iOS has realized the fastest way to attach photos and videos

Attached to the letters photo and video in the Mail app Mail.Ru” for iOS devices has become easier, so now easier to share content with colleagues, friends and family. New feature Mail.Ru Group announced for patch 5.4.

To attach the image to the letter in an updated Post Mail.Ru” that requires less action than before. No need to open the gallery and choose the photo album. Preview the latest photos are displayed immediately after clicking on the “paperclip”. This is especially useful when the letter should be prettycity the latest pictures – and, statistically, more often they send them.

According to internal company data, send attachments most of mobile email than from the Internet, while in eight cases out of ten send image. “We try to pay attention in the first place, popular action. If users are actively sharing photos, our goal is to make this process as simple and convenient,” said Alexey Sergeev, Deputy Vice President Mail.Ru Group for strategic products.

In a previous update to the Mail app Mail.Ru” recall, have the opportunity to configure additional level of security by using a fingerprint scanner Touch ID and PIN code. Lock is activated after the selected time interval (1, 5, 15 or 30 minutes) or immediately after you exit the app.

Download Mail Mail.Ru for iPhone and iPad is available for free at this link.

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