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Mail client Inbox by Google has learned to automatically compose replies to emails

Google has announced a Smart Reply to corporate e-mail client Inbox. Development based on the principles of artificial intelligence, is able to automatically generate replies to incoming messages.

When the user enters a new message, Smart Reply will analyze its contents and offers three options that may be suitable as an answer. They will appear on the screen below. For letters that require only a brief answer, this will help save precious time on the selection of formulations. The correspondence, which involves not monosyllabic, and the long answer, Reply too Smart handles, after which it will offer three phrases from which the user can start the answer.

Function also remembers the user’s actions and filter out those options that he never chooses.

What are the principles of working Smart Reply, told in the official blog of the Internet giant. Google engineers have created a recurrent neural network with long short-term memory LSTM. She highlights only the most important part of the letter and offers answer options that differ in meaning, and not just by words.

Intelligent answers will be available to the users Inbox with the next update this week. Smart Reply will work in Gmail.

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