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Magnetic connector for MacBook has collected on Kickstarter in 25 times more than originally planned amount [video]

One of the main complaints about the MacBook and MacBook Pro was the refusal of the magnetic charging port in favor of USB MagSafe C. Brand was successfully used in a variety of models Mac ten years, saving the device from mechanical damage. The lack of magnetic connection is intended to address a device called Snapnator.

The adapter allows you to charge MacBook and MacBook Pro just like the MacBook Air. Accessory realized in the form of reversible USB-C cable with a magnetic mount, to be used instead, which are equipped with new laptops. Enough to bring the cable to the connector and it will automatically connect and begin to charge the laptop battery.

Have Snapnator has several advantages over the standard USB cable. first, the magnetic coupling allows you to connect the cable to the device almost without looking. In addition, since the device consists of two parts – adapter and a special cable – Snapnator protects the port from moisture and dust. And most importantly, the use of novelty reduces to almost zero the risk of dropping your MacBook in case of accidental pull of the wire. If you pull this cable, it will detach from the laptop, preventing the fall.

Funds for the release of Snapnator successfully gathered on the site Kickstarter. Planning to raise $25 000, the developers of the accessory received 25 times more – almost $380 000. The first participants of fundraising could reserve the accessory for $19.

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