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Magnetic cable Vinpok Bolt-S will save the fragile USB connector-C on your MacBook

MagSafe has long been the de facto standard in laptops. Until one day the company decided to switch to USB C. the New connector is quite small and performs its function well, but its mechanical reliability is poor.

USB-C can be damaged by careless connection or disconnection of the cable, and as the formation of resource he can to lose contact. That’s why users have aroused the interest of the USB cable to C of Vinpok working by analogy with magnetic MagSafe connector.

C appearance it is a normal USB cable C, but in fact, one of the connectors consists of two parts, which hold together only thanks to the built-in magnets. Should inadvertently pull the cord as a USB contact-C instantly disintegrate into two parts and save the fragile connector from damage.

And to connect the MacBook to the power source enough to bring parts to each other and they will again turn into a single connector. You should not be afraid of accidental disconnection: built-in magnets, strong enough.

By and large, a mate with a USB type-C can do to stay in port MacBook and connect only the magnetic part of the cable — then the wear of the connector in the device will be completely eliminated, and it will receive all the benefits provided by the MagSafe technology. The main thing — not to lose the tiny contact.

The device is already sold, however, on pre-orders. The cost of new items is $29.

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