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Mad presents a concept of iPhone 7 with a folding wide screen [video]

Before the official presentation of the iPhone 7 is still half a year as designers-conceptualists will not restrain the ardor, showing all new and new variants of the next generation of Apple Communicator. And the quality and ideas of these concepts has been surprisingly decent, which confirms another work presented by designer Sonitdac.

The artist was once again fantasizing on the title and was limited to simple iPhone 7, although the Apple phone is unlikely to be even half as good. At first glance, the authors give us to understand that the smartphone boasts a large display, even too large. In normal condition 7 iPhone is the standard smartphone with a 4.7-inch panel. But if you pull the edge, the screen will grow up to 10 inches.

Strictly speaking, a folding screen is the main “trick” the iPhone 7. To increase the screen due to the special carbon fasteners, and use it much easier than in the case of a small phone, said Sonitdac. The management interface is a 10-inch panel is closely intertwined with the mobile interface. To call up “wide” mode to stretch the edges of the display. Similarly, the display folds — the user simply snaps it onto the case.

In vain did the authors called this concept iPhone 7, it was necessary to choose something like the iPhone 10 or iPhone 15.

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