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MacX MediaTrans: a great alternative to iTunes for Windows and Mac

Recently 9.3.3 for iOS has a jailbreak – exploit that allows owners of i-technology to put third-party applications to bypass the official App Store. All reasonable users, before to jailbreak, had to do a data backup or otherwise, to lose all the information. In General, the need to backup data from your phone, tablet or player annoyed for a long time: using iTunes is a very long and tedious, and third-party programs can and do harm. So, if you want to forget about all the problems with betapam, low-speed data transmission and, in General, need to be normal communication between your phone and computer, put MacX MediaTrans.

As you might guess from the title, MacX MediaTrans is a program that allows you to transfer data – photos, videos, music from iPhone (iPad, iPod, whatever) on a computer running OS x Or Vice versa – from PC to phone. And not only on Mac – there is also a version for Windows.

How it works. You connect the desired device to the computer, turn on the software and… well, everything. In one click you can upload your photos on Mac. You can transfer files from device to device, and the entire procedure will take much less time than it would with iTunes.

In addition, with the help of MacX MediaTrans is possible to fully manage the mobile device. You can delete, edit, and Fund a music playlists; a drive tags without fear that they will lose at the next whim of iTunes. I can throw 4K video from your phone to Mac and back.

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Anyway, the video MacX MediaTrans special relationship – in this segment, a lot of functions. For example, the program will automatically translate the entry to the correct device format, if initially it is not suitable. Also, the ability to compress the video’s size – you can win up to 50% of the initial weight of the file.

More MacX MediaTrans able to turn your iPhone into a… a USB flash drive. Yes, you can store your phone data, just like on a flash drive to upload Word files that are important to you tables, graphs, notes. Moreover, unlike the stick, the phone you’re unlikely to lose, and reliability of the iPhone a hundred times higher.

We can use an evaluation version, and can purchase the paid. MacX MediaTrans now offers 50% discount – annual version will cost only $ 30, instead of the previous 60. If you often exchange files between phone and computer, and also want the backup procedure every time is not turned into hell, the program, of course, its value will block more than once.

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