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macOS High Sierra will be the last version of macOS with a full support for 32-bit

Apple seeks to get rid of 32-bit software for a long time. Until recently, this was only on iOS, but now the company has officially stated that macOS High Sierra is the latest update with the full support of 32-bit software.

Processors with 64-bit architecture used in mobile gadgets since the days of iPhone 5s and laptops and Apple computers even longer. This architecture has allowed developers to achieve high performance and use more than 4 GB of RAM. However, 32-bit software is still actively used.

“New apps submitted to the Mac App Store must support 64-bit architecture with January 2018, and updates existing applications – June 2018”, – stated on the website for developers Apple Developer Center.

“If you are distributing applications outside the Mac App Store, highly recommend to switch to 64-bit sources, so that users do not experience problems in future versions of macOS”.

Apple said that macOS High Sierra is the latest version of macOS with a full support for 32-bit software. This means that similar applications on the following versions of the operating system can work significantly worse or not work at all.

iOS 11, which will be released this fall, does not support 32-bit games and applications. Apple has introduced new rules, according to which, all apps in the App Store must be 64-bit. If you are using the app on an old architecture, after upgrading to iOS 11 they will not work on your iPhone and iPad.

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