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MacBook Pro with Touch Bar was much more than expected in the Apple

Now Apple is regarded primarily as a manufacturer of smartphones, but the company computers, despite the delay with the updates that are in demand. From the recent financial report, Apple has been known that Mac has brought the company the largest in its history revenues: $7.2 billion versus $6.75 billion a year earlier (7.4 per cent). The great contribution made by the new lineup of portable computers, MacBook Pro panel is Touch Bar.

The result was above expectations of market experts and $ 300 million surpassed the previous quarterly high for sales of Apple computers, was three years ago.

“We not only returned to growth on Mac, but also received the highest quarterly revenue for this product,” – said Apple CEO Tim cook, commenting on quarterly results at a press conference with analysts of wall street.

According to Apple, over a three-month reporting period to December 2016, the company sold 5.37 million Mac devices, which is 1.2% more than in the same period of 2015 and is the fourth largest result in the history of the company.

Having achieved growth, Apple broke the negative momentum in Mac sales, which occurred over the previous four quarters. Sometimes the decline even reached two-digit rates. In particular, during the three-month period ended in September 2016, sales of Apple computers declined by as much as 14.4 percent on an annual basis.

During the press conference Tim cook not to talk too much about Apple’s computer lineup, however, hinted that the results could be even higher if the company was able to fully meet the demand for the new MacBook Pro with touch bar Touch Bar, which was submitted in October last year.

“Throughout the last quarter shipments of the new MacBook Pro was limited and only now we come to a balanced level of supply and demand”, – he said.

Another point that deserves attention is the growth of the average price (ASP) of the MacBook Pro. The figure for the year increased by 6.1% or $78 to $1348, which is the highest value since the beginning of 2013. Undoubtedly, the growth of ASP contributed to the new MacBook Pro with Touch panel Bar, because the price is 400-500 dollars higher than the previous models.

In General, computers have provided 9.2% of total quarterly revenue, Apple made $78.4 billion For their contribution to the total turnover of this kind of products took the second place after the main source of income Apple iPhone. The reviewers also noted that for the first time in the last four quarters, the contribution of Mac in total sales was higher than the category “Services”, which includes the income from the App store with payment system, Apple Pay, etc.

Previously, Apple CEO Tim cook said that the company is not going to stop production of desktop computers. He assured that the company plans to develop “great” desktop. Apple’s CEO also added that desktop computers are very important, because they offer a high performance, wide screen, large memory capacity, as well as many wired interfaces.

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