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MacBook Pro with Touch Bar: impressions after three months of use

If the last update to the iPhone has been very mixed, the MacBook Pro received the biggest upgrade in the history of the line. And it is not only significantly updated the case design, a new set of connectors and improved performance, but the emergence of innovative controls: touch strip Touch Bar with the scanner of fingerprints of Touch ID. Like any other product, the new MacBook Pro 2016 has its pros and cons. What are your impressions of professional Apple laptop after three months of use later in the article MacDigger.

A distinctive feature of any MacBook is its design. Regardless of fan you are Mac or PC, it’s hard to deny that the appearance and build quality of the MacBook on the unattainable for many manufacturers level. As part of the design Apple has always everything was perfect.

The exterior of the new MacBook Pro drastically upgraded compared to previous models. We can say that Apple made a hybrid of the old MacBook Pro and 12 inch MacBook. The screen resolution has not changed compared to the previous generation, but its quality has increased significantly and in direct comparison with the predecessor, the difference is immediately apparent. Higher maximum brightness, saturation and contrast of the panel. Now MacBook Pro can be used outdoors in bright sun.

MacBook Pro 2016, the updated mechanism of the keyboard and now the keys barely felt that at first seems uncomfortable. But it is only to used other computer keyboard seem terrible.

As before, the metal body of the laptop looks perfect, but it’s not too scratch resistant. Over time, it can show a mark, so it’s best to get a case.

Feature of the new generation MacBook is a huge touchpad. Traditionally the trackpad in Apple laptops out of the competition, but the need to increase it to such an extent is questionable. The touchpad is really great, comparable with the iPhone 7 Plus. Any additional benefits it carries. The fact is that before the touchpad did not seem small, and there is no sense that its increase gives some essential increase of comfort of use.

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But the main claim may be switching to USB-C In the beginning, it can really be a problem, and Apple should at least leave a slot for a memory card. But if you think that you will have to carry a bunch of adapters, you are wrong. In most cases, a single adapter with a “classic” USB ports and SD card slot. Besides, the market offers devices for wireless data transmission. For example, the MobiLite Wireless Pro with built-in battery. It allows you to transfer data wirelessly from any device.

Apple seeks to adopt the format USB-C as the only and universal, and in principle, the chance to boost universal transition to it. Accordingly, if today for owners of MacBook and MacBook Pro 2016 12″ headache becomes a USB memory device, then after some time the same suffering will experience, on the contrary, the owners of laptops with the old connectors because the industry will gradually be transferred to USB-C.

In this concept there are only two weaknesses. First, Apple somehow does not switch to USB-C on the iPhone and iPad, although most of the competitors already use USB-C to smartphones and tablets. And secondly, even if it is the universal implementation of USB-C as the primary and universal format ever will be, it will happen certainly not in the next two years. So, by the time of the onset of the “happy future” current “Proshka” will be already obsolete.

I can charge a MacBook Pro from an external battery, but the proprietary MagSafe port is not enough. Moreover, the 15-inch model consumes 85 watts, so from the conventional portable charging it will not charge during use. 13-inch MacBook Pro consumes 65 watts, so you can use the gadget to charge the battery.

I definitely like is the stereo speakers left and right of the keyboard. They give quite a good and loud sound, how it is possible in principle in this form factor.

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In the Network, you can often find complaints about the weak autonomy of the MacBook. Unfortunately, the real battery life is really far from Apple’s claimed 10 hours. When performing complex tasks like video editing 15-inch laptop “lives” 1-2 hours, with normal usage is 3-4. Things are a little better with the 13-inch model that will last 5-6 hours of autonomy, but is not even close to 10 hours.

The advantage of the new MacBook is undoubtedly a performance that exceeds all expectations. Despite the fact that the laptop has not the most recent hardware, MacBook Pro 2016 works more productive top-end Windows machine. No problems with the installation of 4K video is not there, if we are talking about Final Cut Pro.

Upset limit RAM to 16 GB, which is especially apparent in the large video installation. The laptop supports the connection of external 5K display with a USB Mac C. simultaneously transmits the image and charge the battery, but the overall impression of this ligament mixed. In the conventional problems, everything works fine, but if significant loads performance may not be enough.

As for touch panel, Touch Bar, one may doubt its necessity from the point of view of everyday use, but it is the innovation that can justify the upgrade and immediately distinguishes 2016 MacBook Pro among other models. It is logical to assume that other manufacturers will also begin to experiment in this direction.

Touch strip-the Touch screen Bar — trying to think of another control that in addition to the touchpad and keyboard. But while this is a reinvention of the keyboard, because the Touch Bar replaces the top row of keys and can simulate.

Although with all the innovative Touch Bar – quite a controversial decision, is unlikely to significantly increase performance and greatly simplify the interaction with a laptop. If you set a goal to learn how to use it at 100 and unleash the potential of the Touch Bar, it will be possible to find an optimal scenario where the touch panel is really significantly the usual methods of interacting with a laptop. But to say that after using the MacBook Pro 2016 will be hard to return to the regular MacBook Pro without Touch Bar, it is impossible.

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The last thing worth to mention is the fingerprint scanner. Well, in fact: in top tablets that most people use as toys, the fingerprint scanner is, and in professional laptops, where the user has important documents, projects and archive email and other things that should not fall into the wrong hands, the fingerprint sensor is still a novelty. But now Apple is likely to incorporate it into every laptop, and thus other vendors have too. Again, for all users is a big plus — even those who would never buy a MacBook.

Technically, the Touch ID sensor is not part of the touch panel, but is located to the right of it. To use the scanner a fingerprint for quick authorization of online shopping is very convenient.

The most important question – is it worth buying this laptop? The answer depends on budget and personal preferences. Apple has relied on thickness and dimensions, innovation and “wow factor” than put the user before a difficult choice: it seems logically necessary to buy the latest model, if you have money, the more it is so cool, but if the laptop is taken to make money with it, then doubt creeps into the feasibility of such solutions.

It is clear that Apple laptops have always been expensive, especially top-end, but buying a classic MacBook Pro Retina 15″, we clearly understand that you will get: a top device for all occasions is absolutely understandable and predictable. MacBook Pro 2016 is something new, experiment, and here everyone must decide for himself whether he is prepared to spend on this experiment and money to adapt to the special features, or is it better to wait until those innovations that Apple has implemented here, will become the de facto standard.

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