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MacBook Pro vs Dell XPS 15: performance test games

Since the release of the MacBook Pro, many people are interested in how the laptop behaves on Windows operating system compared to competitors. The Creator of the YouTube channel Lon.TV with the help of external SSD from Samsung launched Windows 10 on a new laptop and compared its performance in games with a premium 15-inch laptop Dell XPS 15.

For a start it is worth noting that Windows 10 runs quite well on the MacBook Pro, because Apple provides a complete package of drivers, which are installed in a single click immediately after loading the OS. Many are interested in the work pane, Touch Bar on a MacBook running Windows. After you install the driver, the touch panel will show the basic icons on the panel – volume control, brightness etc. you Can go to control panel Boot Camp and activate the normal function keys. Unfortunately, in Windows Touch Bar nothing more can be done, at least not yet.

According to observations, the MacBook Pro is slightly faster on the operating system from Microsoft. Maybe it is less cluttered interface and fewer animations. Thanks to the excellent screen, the picture on the device looks much better than on Windows laptops – no problems with the contrast and depth of black, the text is very clear. This is partly due to the fact that the same Dell XPS 15 has a protective glass Gorilla Glass and a touchscreen, it has an extra layer of glass.

Before proceeding to the comparison, it is worth noting that MacBook equipped with an Intel Core i7 6820 with a frequency of 2.7 GHz, 16 GB DDR3 RAM and AMD Pro 460 with 4 GB of memory. Dell XPS 15 got a 6700 processor Core i7 with 2.6 GHz, 16 GB of DDR4 RAM and an NVidia GTX960m with 2 GB of memory. The resolution of the laptop display Dell – 4K.

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In the graphics test, GeekBench MacBook Pro running macOS bypassed Dell and scored 56 591 points, while the XPS 15 has reached 48 852 points. In the case of Windows 10 tests were carried out in 3DMark, which largely determines gaming performance. In this case, the MacBook also came in ahead, although the gap is very small – 16 vs 16 933 785 points.

In the benchmark Skydrive MacBook Pro showed the result of 14 111 points, and the Dell XPS 15 – 13385. In this test, the laptops also were almost on a par, especially if you look at the final score – 67,73 fps on Mac and 65,03 fps on a Dell.

Next, the device was launched 3DMax Time Spy directly testing DirectX 12. The results were close – 1562 points on a Mac and on a Dell 1331. For comparison, a PC game in this benchmark demonstrates 6664 points.

Synthetic tests do not always reflect reality, so the best way to compare gaming performance will start the same game with the same settings on both computers. Did the author of the experiment. He put the same settings in GTA 5 and ran a performance test on a MacBook running Windows and a Dell XPS 15. As you can see, the number of frames per second on a MacBook Pro a few more, but to speak about serious superiority is not necessary. This means that most games will work on Apple laptops and Dell about the same.

Tellingly, the performance of the Rocket League on a MacBook Pro running macOS was slightly lower than with Windows. In macOS, the number of fps is 40-50 fps, while on Windows 70-85.

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Despite the fact that Dell XPS 15 for almost a year on the market, its performance is comparable to Mac. In Lon.TV I believe that new models of laptops running Windows can work somewhat better MacBook Pro.

But do not forget that in the case of Apple you buy not only iron, but also design, great autonomy, operating system and software. If you care about gaming performance, it is best to look at Windows laptops cost $1000.

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