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MacBook Pro 2018 found another marriage

This time the defect is found in the speakers of the laptop.

Some of the owner of the Apple computers of the latest model began to complain that the dynamics of their devices make weird noises. During music playback the laptop from time to time crackles.

Posts with complaints appeared on the official support forum of Apple, on Reddit, on YouTube and on various specialized resources, the prevalence of this problem.

The noise occurs on the 13 – and 15-inch models. The sounds appear in a variety of usage scenarios: someone at work in GarageBand, someone just listening, and some only when running Windows via Boot Camp. Because of this, to find out the cause of their appearance is not yet possible. Some laptop owners believe that the noises occur due to problems with the audio drivers or the chip T2.

MacBook Pro in new buildings infamous for a huge number of manufacturing defects and engineering errors. First, faced with zalipanie keys on the internal keyboard, and the model 2018 overheated and lost the claimed performance even after a short stint. Fortunately, these problems Apple has already solved.

MacBook Pro 2018 was presented on 8 July. In them, Apple sets a powerful six-core processors and up to 32 GB of RAM.

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