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MacBook Pro 2016: what customers love and hate a new Apple laptop

New MacBook Pro proved to be the most controversial device from Apple over the last few years, judging by the reviews online, reviews online and the opinion of experts. Indeed, while some people admire the usability of the Touch Bar, the ability to connect multiple 5K monitors and compact size of the laptop, others complain about the weak performance and battery life, the lack of classic connectors, and the “glowing Apple”. 9to5mac conducted a survey of visitors to find out what they liked or disliked the new product.

Just note that one Respondent could mark several points, therefore, to say how many people took part in the survey, it is impossible – according to statistics, was given to about 80 000 votes, of which about 50 000 positive.

Most new MacBook Pro users appreciate Touch ID (14,1%), bright display with excellent color reproduction (12,27%), thin body (11,81%), a large trackpad Touch Force (of 9.84%) and touch panel touch Bar (9,34%). Indeed, the new control method is loved by many users, and developers began to actively work to support a second display in Apple portables.

Also, users appreciate high-quality sound design, keyboard with the butterfly mechanism of the second generation for more comfortable typing, SSD-drive capacity up to 2 TB and have USB-C.

As for the negative aspects associated with a new MacBook Pro, the answers were quite expected. With a big lead price laptops – 31,12%. Voting was conducted for the American and European audience, but even there I think the cost of new items is high, not to mention the CIS countries. The second point that users noticed the replacement MagSafe to USB-C. This fact unhappy every fifth – 21,04%. It is impossible not to agree – magnetic connector distinguishes laptops from competitors in the market.

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The lack of ports (13,97%) – third, I hate the users of the new MacBook Pro. Because now it is impossible to connect standard devices to work, and iPhone to charge is no longer possible. On the fourth and fifth places were respectively the lack of performance (9,62%) and autonomy (of 8.25%). Due to the reduction of the dimensions the manufacturer had to go to a decrease in the battery that affect battery life of the device.

However, the MacBook Pro is sold – on to Apple, the new model has become the most popular in the history of the line. In any case, the exact information we learn from nearest financial report which will be published early next year.

What did you like or dislike about the new MacBook Pro?

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