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Mac vs Windows: 5 arguments in favor of Apple computers

The debate about the benefits of macOS and Windows are not one year. Endless gossip has spawned many myths about these operating systems, although not all of them are true. However, Mac there are five indisputable advantages over PC.

1. One manufacturer of software and hardware

Traditionally, the Mac relates to high-class computers, which entails a hefty price. Partly inflated price is justified by the fact that the iMac and MacBook are equipped with the best on the market display, which is quite important for content creators. In addition, in the case of Apple computers, you pay not only for hardware but also for software. As cupertinos responsible for hardware and software component of their devices, macOS, tend to be more optimized system. But Mas mo

2. Mac is more reliable

Surely everyone who has ever used Windows is familiar with the so-called “blue screen of death”. Because this error is considered to be that Mac computers are more reliable and don’t crash so often. It is worth noting that this is the truth. If you take a high level Windows 10 laptop, for example, the Dell XPS 13, it appears that the reliability of the Microsoft operating system still pales in comparison to the macOS, as unresponsiveness and error even with a small load appear more often than on a MacBook.

But do not forget that macOS itself is more optimized platform. Moreover, stable operation is largely dependent on the developer of the program. If the app is perfectly optimized for Windows, of course, it will work better on Windows.

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3. Design and optimization

It is considered that the MacBook is better, in terms of design than any Windows laptop. This is partly true, because in the case of Apple product you get a aluminum case and an excellent display. Although, if you look at the price, you will notice a huge difference. And comparable to the Mac price the user can buy the same performance, if not better, a Windows-based computer. Actually, it all depends on what exactly he needed.

On the side of the MacBook remains an excellent combination of hardware and software and unmatched optimization, but as recent events show, other manufacturers are ready to compete with Apple.

If we talk about computers all-in-one, here the king of the market is the iMac due to its excellent design, although here the reverse of the medal “trimmed” characteristics, as in this case simply will not fit parts from a full-fledged powerful PC.

4. Mac is the only platform where you can run macOS, and Windows

Thanks to Boot Camp on any Mac you can run Windows and use all software for this OS. Although macOS has a problem with a driver update that greatly reduces gaming performance. Moreover, all the big titles come out for Windows only. As a result, to play almost. However, to play on Mac thanks to Boot Camp.

In General you hardly ever meet a gamer with a MacBook simply because it is not the platform.

5. Mac is a premium product

Here it is worth to say that for a premium product will have to pay a premium price. In the case of computers it is usual to compare the specifications, which makes the majority of users. The fact that comparable in performance to Windows-the laptop is in the same price category as the Mac. But, as mentioned above, Apple is not only the hardware, because people are buying them because of the design and great optimization. The price of Apple devices also depends on the model – the same iMac is really very much like a MacBook Pro.

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Compare Windows and Mac laptops for the price is not quite correct, since “Apple” the company is not even trying to compete on this parameter. Apple offers a premium product to those who are prepared to pay accordingly.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the choice between macOS and Windows depends on personal preferences and goals. Gamers should certainly choose among Windows-based PC. For content creators and creative professionals the Mac will probably be the best option.

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