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Mac sales rose 16% amid a sharp fall of the PC market

Analysts at research firm Gartner has estimated that in the second quarter of 2015, it was sold only at 66.14 million computers. This is less than 11.8%, than a year ago during the same time period. At the same time, Apple has managed to boost Mac sales during this period by 16.1% and climb to fourth place ranking of the largest manufacturers.

Among the reasons that caused such a collapse, analysts say the growth of the dollar against other global currencies, dropped, the effect of the transition from Windows XP to latest version of the OS, as well as waiting for Windows 10 users. Everyone who wanted to upgrade the computer, did it last year. The rest are waiting for new revelations from “tens”.

According to analysts, Apple was shipped almost 5.14 million computers, raising its market share to 7.8%. All other manufacturers have reduced sales. Negative record was set Acer, the drop in sales which reached 27%.

Market leader Lenovo remains with her 13,45 million of devices sold (-7,5% per year). In second place is the HP (-10,4%), and the third went to Dell (-8,7%). This time in the IDC report are not five, but six PC manufacturers. This is because the Acer (-26,9%) and Asus (-7,7%) almost equaled the volume of supply of its products.

Despite a slight recovery of the market after the release of Windows 10, analysts forecast a small drop in PC sales in the second half of 2015. By the way, in the IDC study is not taken into account the demand for tablets transformers with plug-in keyboard.

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