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Mac OS 7.5.5 has launched on iPad Air 2 [video]

The power of modern portable devices is amazing. However, the facts run on them old programs as impressive. It is clear to everyone that the iPad will go for example Mac OS 7.5.5. Why not? But still every launch becomes an event. And if the ancient OS has turned out to work, the enthusiasm has no limit.

Pulling off such successful developers from the project Jules Hacking. By manipulating the tablet they found on the iPad Air 2 simulator Mini vMac Macintosh and downloaded to the device operating system, Mac OS 7.5.5. Inside OSes launched the classic Arkanoid.

Mac OS 7.5.5 was introduced 20 years ago and became a kind of response the Apple to Windows 95. It has been significantly modified, the graphical capabilities of the system: pseudoroegneria boxes, and other functional elements of the interface have the same display with screen resolution from 640 x 480 to 1600 x 1200 pixels, support of multimedia, the help system of Mac OS has acquired the features of interactivity. The OS was installed on the computers Power Macintosh 5500.

Of course, for such a result had to Tinker. First, it took the iPad jailbroken, and it’s now a big problem, because this operation yields only iOS 9.0.2, the downgrade which is impossible. Secondly, you need to put DOSPAD, well and further – a trick.

Previously, developers had launched a Mac OS 7.5.5 on Apple Watch, which became possible after the release of watchOS 2. The moment is also captured on a video on YouTube.

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