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Mac Mini important for Apple, but it hasn’t updated for 3 years

The last time the computer was updated in October 2014, but Apple still considers it an important product for the company.

Mac Mini costs $ 500 in the minimum configuration, which is much cheaper laptops and monoblocks Apple (price $ 1,000). Mac Mini for those who just want to use macOS, but doesn’t want to overpay.

From October 2014 the computer had not been updated. We are not talking about the redesign and new features, we’re talking about a simple change of iron.

Phil Schiller, Vice President of the company in April of this year talked about the computer with reporters: “the Mac Mini is an important product in our lineup, but today we focus on professional segment. We will definitely go back to him, but not today.”

This year scheduled two more presentations to Apple. If on 12 September the updated Mac Mini, we are unlikely to see, then maybe it will show in the following presentation of the company.

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