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Mabouia: the first malware-coder for Mac [video]

Brazilian expert in the field of information security Rafael Marquez of Salem created the world’s first sample of the computer malware that encrypts files on the Mac, reports Iksmedia. Encryption ransomware that locks infected PC and demanding payment for decryption of data that has become recently one of the most popular tools of cybercrime.

But they attacked exclusively on Windows devices (however, recently been marked, and attacks on Linux). Users of OS X should be able to feel relatively safe.

However, 2 years ago researchers at Malwarebytes found the malware, imitating typical actions of Trojan encoders and addressed Mac. But malware just blocked the Safari browser and not encrypted data on the computer. Now Marquez was able to “correct the omission”.

Created by a hacker program called the Mabouia. She is full by encryption malware for OS X. To its credit, the Brazilian researcher, the prototype he created for research purposes only and without any intention to distribute the program.

Márquez has already transferred Mabouia samples of Apple and Symantec. Experts Symantec, the malware testing, have confirmed that it can be a real danger to Mac users. Apple declined to comment on the statement about the creation of the Mac encoder.

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