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“M. Video” and “Svyaznoy” offers cheaper iPhone SE 20 000

In anticipation of the release of the new generation of smartphones retailers often reduce prices on unsold devices. This is due to the upcoming update to the iPhone SE or not, but the number of Russian stores have reduced prices on the 4-inch device below the psychological mark.

The official price of iPhone SE in Russia is 32 990 rubles, that is how much a smartphone is worth in the official Apple store. However, the largest Russian network suggest the smartphone is much cheaper. Currently, “Svyaznoy” and “M. Video” sell a model with 32 GB of flash memory for 19 990 rubles.

It is not excluded that the decrease in prices was affected by the strengthening of the ruble, as well as competition from Amdroid-producers. In June, we wrote that the last 9 months iPhone SE dropped the price of 12 000 rubles. At the moment the device is available even cheaper with the discount of 13 000.

iPhone SE is considered to be one of the most successful phones Apple. In particular, due to the low price. The device is an updated version of the iPhone 5s, which debuted on the market in March last year.

With the autumn Apple presentation reports on the preparation of SE iPhone the second generation were reported. Analysts on this account different opinions. Some believe that Apple has no plans to release a successor due to the strong position on the market with this level of performance and size in this device simply has no rivals in the Android camp. Others however, believe that the model order is outdated and needs to be updated.

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How long the device will be sold with a discount that is hard to say. But anyone who expects to purchase an iPhone SE at this price, you should hurry.

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