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Lunch with the Vice President of Apple eddy cue is 3 million rubles

Apple Vice President of Internet services eddy cue once again decided to play private dinner, which will be held in the new headquarters of the Corporation in California. The minimum price of the lot is $50,000 (3 million rubles at current exchange rate).

Lunch in the company top-Manager of Apple exhibited at the site Сharitybuzz. The auction began July 10 and will last until July 25. As stated by the organizers of the auction, all proceeds will go to charity – in favor of the Fund of the National Association of experts on cerebral palsy.

Vice-President only in June held a similar auction for $255 000. The money top Manager sent to the Fund of the national Association of basketball coaches.

This time the minimum bet for dinner in the company eddy cue also is $50,000. At the moment the highest of the nine bets $15 000. Who will win the auction for the meeting with eddy cue, one can only guess. But he promises to invite the winner in Apple Park and spend at least an hour of his time, which in itself is not cheap. The conditions stipulated that the meeting may come not a single person under the age of 18. Meeting does not provide for a photo shoot or a full tour of the headquarters.

Eddy cue, Apple operates in about 28 years and played a key role in creating the iTunes. In September 2011, the acting head of the Corporation Tim cook has appointed eddy cue senior Vice President Internet development and services. Previously, he headed major projects for Apple, and retained responsibility for their work, and also engaged in supervision of the cloud service iCloud.

Apple executives once again conducted a similar event. In may for lunch with Tim cook paid a record $700 000. Moreover, a similar meeting was held for the fifth time. In 2013, for a private lunch with Apple’s CEO paid $610 000 in 2014 to $330 000, and in 2015 — $200 000. All the years of participation in such auctions Tim cook raised almost $3 million.

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