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Lukashenko said that the iPhone is at least in part have to do in Belarus

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko hopes that the country will begin to sell the iPad, at least partially. He stated this at a meeting with businessmen in the field of IT Victor Prokopenya and Mikhail Gutseriev.

According to the head of state, the localization of production, in particular the iPhone could bring good income to the country.

“It is clear that these programs, you can even right here in this room to do. But I want these effects, roughly speaking, phones, iPhones at least started to do, at least b elements of this product well, if not a hundred percent, at least sixty -“, – quotes the words of Sputnik President.

Lukashenko stressed that the issue of smartphones could bring in large revenues to the state budget. He advocates that not only the software, but mobile device or their components are manufactured in Belarus.

Earlier, during a press conference with Russian journalists, held in Minsk in November last year, the President said that the future of Belarus high technologies. “And we, primarily, will bring wealth to all it’s gadgets, iPhones, lampshades. And we’ll all have to do,” – then said Lukashenko.

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