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Lufthansa introduced its own app for Apple Watch

Now the passengers airlines information on flights and boarding passes will always be at hand – thanks to a new app, designed specifically for smart watches Apple. The goal of the program, according to the developers, to become the companion of a passenger.

The Lufthansa app provides all the essential information related to the flights available 24 hours and throughout the lot. It gathers all data related to the flight, and reflects them on the screen of a smart watch.

Lufthansa will remind you of your departure time the day before travel, will get all relevant information about the flight status, displays the boarding time, terminal, gate number and seat. Like the timer, the Apple watch with up to the minute show the time remaining before the start of boarding.

“The role of mobile applications continues to grow rapidly. Our goal is to provide clients with information and services in real time in all possible virtual points of contact, thereby making their journey even more comfortable. With the new app, our passengers can always see the most important details of his flight right on your wrist without the need to get the smartphone out of the bag,” said Jens Bischof, member of the Board of Directors of Lufthansa German Airlines.

For Apple Watch were designed graphic display means. These functions will first be available to the members of Miles & More, registered in the Lufthansa app for iPhone or iPad, said the company. For passengers who are not participants of the loyalty program, Miles & More, these features will be added later.

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All passengers will be given the opportunity to display the clock boarding pass stored in Passbook, and use it when you Board. In addition, the watch will report on the weather at the destination.

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