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Love for iPhone requires sacrifice: the craziest things Apple fans

For many people Apple has long ceased to be just a device manufacturer, and fans are ready to make serious sacrifices for the coveted gadget. Before the start of sales iPhone 6s browsers I have collected examples of how people tried to get or to save your iPhone.

One of the first high-profile cases involving unusual buy gadget from Apple, occurred in 2011. 17-year-old Chinese student from Anhui province has sold his kidney for 22,000 yuan (about $3500) to buy an iPad 2. The proceeds, he had not only on iPad 2 and iPhone 4. It later emerged that after the surgery, the teenager was suffering from kidney failure. In April 2012, all parties are arrested.

Similar situation was observed before the start of sales of the iPhone 6s. Two residents of the Chinese city of Yangzhou, Juan and I decided to sell the buds for the purchase of new Apple devices. Men found on the Internet agent, who was involved in the illegal purchase of organs, but he did not appear at the scheduled meeting. After that I decided not to sell a kidney and went to the police, resulting in Juan hit the run.

But some iPhone fans are willing to sacrifice not only internal organ. In October 2013 the Chinese pair in order to earn money to buy the smartphone Apple sold their newborn daughter. Unemployed wife placed an ad to sell a child before birth and offered to give a newborn, is it for her offer. The birth took place at home, then the girl gave the “buyer”.

On the same day on account of the spouses received an amount of 40,000 yuan (about us $8 thousand). The money the couple bought the iPhone 5, a pair of sneakers and other goods. According to the couple, they primarily cared for the child, because they already had two children and a third they wouldn’t be able to contain.

A year later, the original way to save up for the iPhone was invented by a Chinese student. For smartphone he also encouraged people to rent his girlfriend. While the ad said that the proposal does not imply the provision of sexual services. The tenant could have lunch with a girl, to sit with her at the Desk in the classroom or to play computer games. Chinese told reporters that she knows about the project and treats him with approval.

But the teenager from Guangdong province, posted on Weibo, the offer to exchange to the iPhone its innocence. In the description of this unusual offer she complained that “to have an iPhone 4 — her dream”, but the father refused to buy her favorite apparatus. The girl has posted online a photo and information about themselves, adding that they are ready to sell innocence to anyone who will buy her the coveted smartphone.

However, it is not always unusual acts are committed for the purchase of a smartphone. So, a resident of Denver Thomas Martel went to complex surgery on the finger to make it easier to type on a touch screen phone and press the Home button. Because Thomas was suffering from excess weight, he often failed to get the required symbols on the screen and to actively correspond with friends.

The operation resulted in the fan chat was removed part of the bone of the big toe, modified roots of the nail and different stitched muscle. The man was extremely pleased with the result and believes that the operation will be repaid over a period of between 10 to 50 years, reducing loss of time for typing.

Apple fans are willing to go to great lengths to save your favorite device. So, 16-year-old student from Germany decided to drain the pond after you’ve dropped your iPhone in water. At first he wanted to buy a diving suit, but, not having received it, decided to go for drastic measures.

For dehumidification teen used two hose and pump. Pumped water he is in a nearby public toilet. Smartphone the boy was never found, but he had to pay a fine for the damage of the toilet.

Another attempt to save your smartphone from water occurred in China. A young woman from a village in Henan province dropped a mobile phone into a cesspool. The woman’s husband decided to dive into the hole to get the telephone, however, immediately lost consciousness.

To help the man immediately rushed his mother, deprived of his senses after the dive. Then in the septic tank ducked and the heroine of rescue operations, as well as her father and two neighbors.

When it became clear that self back out will not work, the villagers with ropes pulled all out. Nevertheless the girl’s husband and his mother died before the ambulance, and the phone is likely to get failed.

Not to mention people willing to stand for weeks in line for new iPhone about the Apple stores. So, the first tent in line for the iPhone 6s appeared in Sydney for 16 days before the start of sales of the smartphone. And queues for the iPhone 6 began to be built in the six days prior to the date of the presentation of the gadget. The first buyers of the iPhone 5s have also begun to take place five days before the presentation.

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