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Lord of war: try on the role of international arms dealer

To buy in one place at low price and sell in another at a higher price on this is based any business, including the business of arms trade. However, not every business can be as risky and yet interesting.

In the game “Lord of war” where you begin the arms dealer with the owner of a small boat and a couple of warehouses. And then you are approached with an interesting offer, to carry several containers of ammunition for very good money. All that happens next is entirely up to you: you can become a Lord of war, the owner of a fleet of ships and aircraft, to influence policy, one supplying weapons to the opposing party.

The action takes place on a real political map of the world. You can visit more than 200 cities, buy weapons in Salekhard, and to sell to the pirates in Somalia. Or become an official supplier of arms to China, a country with huge budgets on the military. Periodically events occur that have a real historical counterparts, for example, in one African country erupted an armed conflict on ethnic grounds. Prices in the region on arms instantly fly up, and you, if you have time, will be able to earn good money.

There is a huge number of vehicles. In the game, they are divided into two types – planes, a very fast way to deliver goods from one point to another planet, but air transport there are two disadvantages – the price and small capacity. The second type ships, to describe them better suited to the adage “slow and steady wins – will continue”. The ships from the first level you can transport a large quantity of weapons and equipment, but they moved for very long.

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The power in each city is in the hands of one of two eternally conflicting forces. But their opposition in tribute to the skill and luck you can earn huge money. Every faction needs regular weapons and you can start to work, doing her orders. But working on one you will probably ruin the relationship with other slender and run the risk of incurring problems, so you have to constantly juggle between the two parties.

The result was a great free time killer which you can download in the App Store at this link.

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