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Loop Taxi simulation game fish

Who said games do not teach anything? After party in Call of Duty are learning quickly run through the dialogs (fine motor skills!), after the match DOTA 2 significantly enriched vocabulary, and so much conceals a useful at least a couple of hours in the GTA… But today we have a slightly different case is the game not teach you something, but it is on fingers explain what it’s like to be a taxi driver.

Three junction – people in line. They need to pick up and take the reverse route. Go to direct Navigator, and passengers a road can not show. Repeat until a small taxi will not fly into any truck or tank passing by. That is, once or twice – perhaps you can last longer.

Things are pretty simple: you Tapan on the screen, and the taxi driver in his yellow (and pink!) furies blows through the intersection. Then another one – and there are already new customers. Between saving the Islands, of course, looming road in two, three, and even four lanes. According to him, the incessant roar of nasty drivers – no one is inferior, so you have to slip right in front. Sometimes makes a traffic light or bonuses, but the main intrigue of the Taxi Loop, replaying every second – will trot or not?

If not, then the game is over, count results, take your money, goodbye. Given the built-in table and the system records (and not only), play a shame – so at the time turned into a cross between hero what an classic Russian bombillas. RRAS – and on the other side of the street. You can open your eyes.

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Just a Loop. three card – bit, but still enough. The first is the simplest – you carry seems to students through several back roads. The second one takes place in the centre, cut in the middle of the current underground. The third is somewhere in Iraq (Syria?) during military actions: firing, rockets are flying, tanks are burning. The tariff directly tied to the complexity of the military pay more than double for a peaceful ride school in the suburbs.

Money here, believe me you can spend in the shop waiting for a whole galaxy of new cars. They differ in speed (not very important parameter) and capacity – and this is a major criterion when choosing a car. Your original machine can not take more than two comers. Since you pay per person, it makes sense to save up for a limo that is able to carry off a dozen at once. Moreover, the record here shows also the number of the company’s customers – and if you want to be in at least the top hundred, you need a bigger machine.

Looks like the game is deliberately modest, but cute: all square, but recognizable. Your yellow square sweeps, tow truck howls, police sirens flashing dichroic lights. The atmosphere is good – not annoying and relaxing.

Loop Taxi can be downloaded for free, within the payment is – but only for those who want to see themselves in the top, not putting this much effort. And so – you can not pay, which is very to face this simple but charming game. A few tens of minutes in a boring time of the day – perfect.

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