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Lonewolf – death in the cross

It seems, back fashion on a lone killer, staring into the telescopic sight: some time ago we saw mobile bone of the great “Hitman”, and this year (finally!) on larger platforms will be released and the rebirth of the series. To adequately prepare for the coming of the bald 47-CSOs offer to warm up in the amusing simulator killer – Lonewolf.

According to the latest fashion logocentricity, the authors Lonewolf gave their game the story is true, it would be better to not do it. Black and white (Noir!) the cutscene tell some incredible story about a mysterious killer, a red-Haired stranger and mafia collusion. Trailing the detective intrigue, but to understand who, where and why – is more difficult than to stop watching a daily series on the second channel. Honestly, can slide, without – nothing to lose.

The game itself is much more vigorous local exercise in drama. You see the world through the crosshairs – it should be caught covered in classic suits silhouettes, and pull the trigger. Job different: from the banal “kill them all” to compound constructions like “do it this way, if was an accident”. Do not get bored.

Hit the enemies hard: they somewhere in the distance, do not stand still, and the screen shakes. With difficulty induce, hardly shoot, take a breath, hit. But often there is wind, distance; prevents. Need to adjust to make allowances for the number of meters to the target and climatic conditions. All this does not get bored – primitive, in fact, a shooting gallery, becomes presentem (albeit single-celled) simulator firing from a distance.

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After the mission, give a reward and send the next episode of the scenario – but on the way, you can drive to the store. There are many useful things to the rifle is allowed to screw the silencer (required in some jobs), to attach a new barrel or extended clip – in General, the standard tyre for a bunch of upgrades. If you do not mind the money, can buy a premium account – there is a gun even cooler. However, to fork out you still will make, because Lonewolf is arranged in a standard for f2p games pattern: low on power for the replay take the money, any movement one way or another leads to (virtual) bankruptcy.

But Lonewolf deafening looks. Technologically the game is extremely simple (and not take up much space), but the artists clearly want Lavrov colleagues of the indie industry. From here deliberately careless panache: persons are not visible, the enemies move ragged movements. It’s a bit of artistic license – still, you are in the midst of some nuarny story, and easy innuendo coupled with condensed colors the game only to face. And here the excuse, “bloody,” the blood in the world.

Lonewolf is a good way to finally get out of “holiday” status, and get involved in the usual working rhythm – which must have a place and so undemanding games, designed for three-minute session. Came in, shot (or missed), was released – and nothing else. The more – game free; in the worst case lose only time.

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