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Logitech introduced the first iPad Pro

On the day of start of sales of iPad Pro Logitech introduced a branded line of supplements for new items. Manufacturer suggested tablet accessory that acts as the universal stand and also brand the case, combining the functions of a protective case and keyboard.

Accessory called Logi Create Case is a Protective case for iPad Pro that allows you to conveniently place the device in a horizontal position. It protects the ends and the body as a whole from external influences and protect the glass from scratches when carrying in a bag.

According to the manufacturer, Create Logi Protective Case characterised by a special two-piece lid, tilt angle can be adjusted continuously in the range of 50 degrees or reverse it completely. The option is implemented at the expense of the magnets and a special loop mechanism, which provides the preservation of the state even if you press and carry your tablet. We all want to use Apple Pencil this accessory will be very useful.

The second model Logitech – a more interesting solution. This is a practical case with a cover-keyboard, called Logi Create Backlit Keyboard Case. It combines modern design with intelligent technology to protect your device while preserving lightness and subtlety, increasing the functionality of the iPad.

Users are fast, comfortable and intuitive typing (the original key responds with the usual click), as well as the convenience of hotkeys for iOS – such as “cut”, “copy” and “paste”.

In addition to reliable structure that can protect the body from mechanical damage, it boasts two notable features: support Smart port Connector that allows you to get rid of the need for Bluetooth pairing with the tablet and keys with backlight. The last option brings iPad MacBook Pro with.

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Both accessories will be on sale in different colors in the near future. Create Logi Protective Case will cost buyers $ 80, Logi Create Backlit Keyboard Case can be purchased for $ 150.

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