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Logitech introduced its first vertical mouse

“That can be obtained by combining a sophisticated aesthetic with an ergonomic design?”

Over this question puzzled the engineers at Logitech past few months, and today introduced a new mouse – MX the Vertical.

As the name implies, it is a vertical mouse designed to improve posture, reduce muscle tension and provide a greater comfort for people who work at a computer all day.

The mouse is designed in such a way that the vertical angle is 57 degrees, while the natural state of the “handshake”.

According to the results of tests and examinations, Logitech has determined that the inclination of 57 degrees is the best angle for positioning the hands with the expectation of posture.

The Vertical model MX is an advanced optical tracker with a resolution of 4 000 DPI and a choice of one of four fan speeds. The switch is located on top of the mouse. Lithium-polymer battery capacity of 240 mAh, guarantees up to four months of operation of the device, with regular use.

Logitech design team did not just build a standard vertical mouse. Much research has been undertaken to ensure that the MX Vertical meets the company standard.

Pre-orders are available today, and deliveries will begin in September. Price – $ 99.99.

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