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Logitech introduced a button to control “smart” home Pop Home Switch

Logitech has introduced a new device intelligent home Switch Home Pop. Novelty is a small button which can be assigned to control different smart devices in the room.

Button palm-sized recognizes three actions: single tap, double tap and long press. For example, on one button, you can configure the enabling and disabling of the entire lighting system in the house, lighting one or more rooms, as well as brightness. If you want more options to control the smart home, the user can program another button.

Starter kit includes the communication module and two buttons. No problem to buy more buttons and bind them. To configure the system uses a smartphone app available for operating systems and Android.

Smart-button Logitech compatible with a wide range of devices, including lights, locks and curtains production LIFX, Phillips Hue, Lutron and INSTEON in any combination, as well as an intelligent speaker system Sonos. By the way, the gadget can be used with the Logitech Harmony remotes, launching macros for composite action.

Set Pop Home Switch of the Starter Pack will cost $ 99.99. Buy button Pop Add-on Home Switch it is possible for 39,99$. Sales of the device will start before the end of August.

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