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Logitech has unveiled a new brand Logi and updated company logo [video]

Logitech has announced the most significant in the history of the company rebranding. The manufacturer introduced a new logo and brand Logi designed to rethink aspects of the firm’s activities, including the innovative component products and design.

As stated in Logitech, technology is everywhere today and the concept of “technology” has lost its usual meaning. In the new form brand “Logi” reflects the update of the business through color attitude, and improved logo.

Brand Logitech anywhere soon not go anywhere — the company will enter the name into use gradually, offering new products. The press release notes that the new brand was carried out in 2013.

“Complete transformation. Products Logitech has always enjoyed the confidence among consumers. Today we offer opportunities that will inspire you. New Logitech is the company-developer, combining in his work, the art and science”.

What brand goods, Logi will appear in the first place, is not specified, but referred to computer peripherals and some products related with “everyday life”.

The rebranding will allow Logitech to operate in different markets under one name: in Japan, for example, the company’s products are presented under the brand name Logicool because of complaints about a local brand.

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