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Live-bait fishing: police brings geek article, urging to install pirated software

Resource “the Media” has published an investigation about how rare and expensive the software helps Russian operatives to improve detection, and lawyers representing the interests of the right holder, – earn.

The publication describes cases where a private computer masters persistently seek help from private customers asking for is illegal to install them for a modest fee expensive, you first need to download from a pirate site. Agreed to this geek is an illegal version of the program on the Internet, comes to the client and installs it with his stick, then takes the money for the work. That and detained by the police.

According to the publication, technology with decoy customers FOR long time put on stream – lawyers seem to recall that the first such case under article 146 of the criminal code (“Violation of copyright and related rights”) in the courts appeared back in 2007 and now account for them in hundreds. And if earlier at them sometimes imposed acquittals, even in recent times, such is not observed.

With much love from the operatives uses Autodesk Alias Automotive for automotive design. It costs about 40 thousand dollars, so the client wishes to install it for a few thousand master traders anything suspicious don’t normally see.

On computer and legal forums account about the article 146 of the criminal code and Autodesk Alias Automotive most often begin with the words “help” or “set up”, said Newsru. Behind them usually follows such a story: “Opera finds the Internet harmless ad “computer help, data recovery”. Calls and asks to install Autodesk. The defendant in the first time hears. Operas knocks on SMS the exact name, and the defendant seeks over a network. Downloads to your hard drive and brings… interested In my opinion, it smells of provocation,” he wrote in 2011 on the legal forum of Ourclub” user with the nickname RAF.

“It’s just a conveyor belt – all.”

Discuss the intricacies of such criminal cases on the forums take up dozens of pages; are even specialized websites, for example, “Themis 78” – “the most comprehensive resource on fight against crimes in the field of provocations under article 146 of the criminal code”. Users of these resources has calculated that only in 2011 and 2012 in Butyrskaya and Ostankinsky district court of Moscow for the installation of Autodesk sentenced 25 people. In the list of those who was set up in Cheboksary” – more than 20 names. Database of Judicial decisions.of the Russian Federation” on request Autodesk gives 360 documents, and typing the program name in Cyrillic – “Autodesk” – 450.

According to the statistics cited in the blog on the website “Habrahabr” IT company ITSM 365, in 2010, 28% of the cases under article 146 of the criminal code were associated with Microsoft products, 25% from Autodesk.

“If you call and ask to put this miracle ostensibly for work – do not believe this divorce… it’s just a conveyor belt – all. and investigators, and the police, and experts, prosecutors, and judges” – write users in the comments under one of the hands of Autodesk.

According to statistics from the Judicial Department at the Supreme court, in 2014, 579 people were convicted under part 2 of article 146 of the criminal code (maximum penalty is two years imprisonment), 228 – part 3 (to six years) and one man – part 1 (arrest up to six months).
In the Russian-speaking forums on the Autodesk website theme called “Illegal sale of products Autodesk. The DAEC. A criminal case” is attributed to the “Standard problem” marked “Proven solutions”, however, any solutions out there yet no one has offered.

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