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“Little boy’s” case for the iPhone 7 is equipped with a cigarette lighter and beer opener

Amazon started selling shockproof and waterproof case ZVE Lighter for iPhone 7. In addition to the protective properties of its feature is the built-in battery, cigarette lighter and a bottle opener for beer bottles.

Doshutilis that iPhone lacks lighters, microwave ovens or bottle opener? The manufacturer covers embraced these criticisms and has released literally shockproof hard case for iPhone which has an electric cigarette lighter and opener for beer. Everything you need to obtained the latest iPhone in the wilds of the urban ghetto.

The device is made of durable polycarbonate that can protect the phone from damage. ZVE cigarette lighter Lighter works very simply: push the window you light a cigarette from the heating spiral. You can then open a bottle hidden in the top panel of the case opener.

According to the developers, battery ZVE Lighter will last for more than 5,400 cigarettes. Order case for the price of $20. Available in a version for the iPhone 7 Plus.

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