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Lithuanians create a competitor to the iPod on audio cassettes

The company BrainMonk from Lithuania realize the dream of all audiophiles nostalgic from the 90’s. the Developers intend to release a portable music player Elbow for playing cassettes.

The Lithuanian competitor to the iPod is designed to work with conventional audio cassettes. The product looks like a clip that attaches to the tape. She the clothespin clamps the carrier tape and attached to the core. The player can not only play music but also to rewind the tape.

Playback control occurs through a washer, through which you can start or stop playback to start the rewind and adjust the volume. An optical sensor controls the speed of movement of magnetic tape.

From Elbow connectors have a 3.5 mm connection for standard headphones and mini-USB for charging the device. It seems that the developers and then decided to hit the classics, putting the old USB connector instead of the more modern micro-USB and USB-C.

In 2016 design award at the competition. At the moment, Elbow — prototype, and the creators of the project are not ready to name a price and start of sales of the music player.

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