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List of known issues with macOS Mojave and their solutions

Those who dare to test beta versions of macOS Mojave, will have to face a large number of failures in the system. However, many of them can be solved.

Enthusiasts often put a test version of software designed for developers, and run into a lot of mistakes, not knowing how to fix them. Tell about the first serious failure and ways of correcting them.

Before installing a test version of macOS Mojave, you need to make a backup of the system.

Can’t download the test version of the system

If you install the developer profile, the computer keeps giving the message “You must enroll your Mac to download the beta”, you will need to delete the profile and install again. To do this:

  • Go to settings system.
  • To choose the App Store menu.
  • Click on the change button next to the inscription “Your computer is set to recieve beta software updates”.
  • Click on the button “don’t show beta versions”.
  • To restart the computer.
  • After this you need to install the profile again.

Computer hangs during installation

If during system installation the error occurs or the process does not progress beyond a certain point, then you should check the Internet connection. If everything is in order, it is necessary to check the status of the hard drive. To do this:

  • Shut down the computer.
  • Include and during startup hold down the keys command+Rto enter the recovery mode.
  • Select Disk utility and run diagnostics.

If even after this to install the test version of the system does not work, then you need to delete the developer profile and install it again.

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Does not work sync your data via iCloud

Some users have experienced problems when syncing files through iCloud after installing macOS Mojave. To fix them, you need to:

  • To close all programs.
  • Press Shift+⌘+G.
  • Enter in a search the com~apple~CloudDocs.
  • Go to this folder and delete all files from it.
  • Then you need to run the Monitoring system.
  • Find the processes cloudd and bird.
  • To disable both.

After that, the system will start to re-download all the files from the cloud. It can take a long time if the cloud was stored a lot of files.

If messages are not synchronized, it is necessary to turn on and off the sync feature in the iCloud settings.

Severely decreased autonomy

Since this is a beta version, by default, configured and enabled the transfer of analytical data. If disabled, the operating time may increase. To do this:

  • To open system configuration.
  • Go to menu Protection and security.
  • Open the submenu Privacy policy
  • Select Analysis and remove all installed there show.

It is also worth noting that this version for developers and it can be optimized enough, so do not expect good battery life before the final release.

Cannot connect to Mac App Store

If you’re having problems connecting to the Mac App Store, you should do the following:

  • Open terminal.
  • Enter the command: defaults delete
  • After that, the app store should work.

Other problems

The first testers are confronted with a large number of errors in third party programs and with the display of some sites if you enable dark theme. Solutions to these problems. It all depends on the site owners and application developers. So you should directly contact them and report all bugs you find.

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