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List of iOS bugs that have tormented users for the last six years

From year to year people complain that iOS increased the number of errors and failures. In fact, they always had a lot. Talk about them in detail.

The human consciousness is arranged so that all the bad things very quickly forgotten. And although it seems to us that before the grass was greener, of course, it was not so. After each stable release of the mobile operating system Apple, specialized resources have appeared in paintings of the text with the theme “24 iOS 8 and how to solve them”, “47 iOS 9 errors faced by users.” And even “sacred” for many iOS 6 came out not without any flaw.

Actually the sixth version of the platform and start.

iOS 6

Despite the small number of changes and long-term testing of the first build of iOS 6 have made users very nervous. First, after the updates started excessive consumption of energy, even on new at the time iPhone 5. Not to mention the iPhone 4 and 4S. The problem was in the update. Many had to reset to basic settings or even stay on iOS 5. Second, as in iOS 3, the problems started when connected to Wi-Fi. The connection was impossible to establish, but data are not transmitted. Because this problem also many people had to revert to the previous firmware.

It’s not all failures, which had to fight a “happy” owners of iOS devices. For a long time, many third party applications did not work with the first stable build of iOS 6. Suffered music library users. Many of the songs have been removed without the knowledge of those who got them.

Well, so far all I remember about branded Apple maps at the time of their birth. The service worked just awful. Minimum information, maximum failures. Cards got people into the jungle and interfere with normal travel around the city. Curves of satellite images over time turned into a meme.

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iOS 7

The first redesign of iOS over the years. This is one of the most crooked releases. To list all the errors just won’t work. Immediately after installing the stable version among a huge number of users have no issues with gadgets, denied the lock button ceased to download the updates and new emails. Someone stopped working the touch screen lost the ability to download apps from the App Store (they just hang on the desktop). Brand messenger. Disconnected camera. Did not have energy when charging. And all this with significantly reduced performance on all sold at the time devices. Moreover, most of these errors and failures are preserved even after the release of iOS 7.1. Really clear correction came only with the next major release.

iOS 8

The most disappointing failure in the eighth version of the mobile operating system Apple had the blue screen of death. The company often made fun of for it Microsoft and suddenly I faced a similar problem in their own software. The only difference was that the default iOS is much better protected against failures and immediately after the blue screen the system reboots and returns to normal operation.

The upgrade process itself was also not without incident. On the day of release, users started complaining that after installing the firmware for their smartphones and tablets went into recovery mode and could not be started until complete reset using iTunes.

Many could not access the device settings, because the corresponding application just would not start. Almost no new feature was not working properly. Updated keyboard often disappeared from the screen, the extension caused problems in the work platform, battery discharged, not in yourself, well and already the standard had problems when working with the App Store.


iOS 9

Apple unveiled this release as the work on the bugs. The company promised a stable job and increased autonomy. In fact, the iOS 9 has become one of the weakest systems in the entire history of iOS. The much-vaunted energy-saving mode is not saved, the performance is not increased, but the bugs become more. Back problem when connecting to Wi-Fi. Began to fail individual components of the devices. For example, touch screen and Bluetooth. Brand communication services for iMessage and FaceTime stopped activated. And some users faced with the fact that I could not turn the alarm off. The most common and annoying bug in Russia became sticky Caps Lock in Safari and some other apps. This failure Apple could not (or would not) fix it within a few months. And this is only a brief list of errors. In fact, the iOS 9 has brought much more harm than good, as the new functions for iPhone it was not so much.

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iOS 10

After an unsuccessful nine was followed by a dozen, which has become the fastest and most stable release in recent history iOS. And even though it was their error, faced with them, much less people. Most iOS 10 worked perfectly. Moreover, this version of the system even revived the old gadgets such as the iPhone 5 and iPad Air.

Basically, users ran into problems with new features. Was freezing and buggy the updated app iMessage and Apple Music. Did not open some letters in the mail. Also suffered announced in the same year AirPods headphones. They are not always correctly connected to the iPhone and iPad because of a software bug in the iOS 10.

The biggest trouble began disappearing contacts. Faced with this only a small part of users, but the problem took place, and she took not a few important data from the owners of devices Apple.

Otherwise, a dozen was a little bit stable.

iOS 11

The current version of the most advanced operating system (according to Apple) again scored some inadequate number of errors. As usual, it all started with the fall of productivity. If iOS 10 it managed to significantly increase, within a year, the Apple engineers managed to screw it up. When people started to learn the system, it was found that it is for some reason fixes the letter I on A. Why it happened, nobody knows. This defect was corrected only in the iOS 11.1.1.

Again started to have problems with autonomy. Very quickly discharged even fresh iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, what about the older models. The reason for that disgusting optimization by Apple.

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Then came the famous bug in the calculator, when he could not correctly count 1+2+3. iOS decided that the correct answer is 24. Yes, this happened in the case, if the user dials digits pretty quickly. But once the bug is encountered, then the average input rate of the average person enough to deal with this inaccuracy.

Immediately after the release of iOS 11 started to have problems with speakers and microphones, which were repaired a few months. IPhone X the frost off the display, while Apple has not released an appropriate patch. Also less than a year, people came across already at least two “evil” character who kills the system or its individual components.

Yes, usually by publishing a retrospective, we’re talking about something good or just nostalgic, but this time just trying to remember all the bad, to understand what the problems were, are and will be. This software, and it may not always work perfectly. Failures in operating systems happen, and that’s fine. In iOS they were also wrong, and very often. But every time we think that it happened for the first time before things run smoothly. Of course, it is not. Just all the bad is quickly forgotten.

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