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List of changes in iOS 4 Beta 11

Yesterday Apple released iOS Beta 4 11. In addition to bug fixes and performance enhancement system has received a lot of small changes.

New icons

Apple introduced a new icons for notes, reminders and contacts. In the settings, still the old icon of the contacts, unlike notes and reminders.

Notification center

You can now swipe left in notification center to show the actions on the lock screen . You can view and delete the alert. When you click on the preview appears a new screen unlocking Touch ID to open the corresponding application.

When you swipe the notification will open automatically, and if you make a swipe to the left to the end, then the notification will be automatically deleted.


Under “About phone” now shows the total amount of internal memory, not the amount minus the iOS.

In the settings there is a new “AirDrop”. Now AirDrop can be set only through the control panel, but also through the settings.

The icon under “Accounts and passwords” is now displayed vertically.

Other changes:

— Was repainted, the Wi-Fi icon;
In the section “Updates” in the App Store now you can pull down to check for new updates.
New start screens in standard applications.
— In settings, Spotlight search will now display icons;
— New icon timer in the control;
— When recording screen, counts down;
— New icon for power saving mode in the control
— Menu multitasking will be automatically closed after closing all applications.
— Menu multitasking will not open when there are no running applications.

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