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List of bugs that are complaining iOS 10 beta

Many iPhone and iPad users already managed to install and try out the latest edition of the mobile “OSes” from Apple. This article will be the answer for users who are wondering whether they should update to iOS 10 for developers or better to wait for the final version of the system.

Within 2016 WWDC Apple presented the new version of the operating system for iPhone and iPad. Interesting features and solutions are presented quite a lot: the new design of the lock screen widgets, redesigned notifications, improved Photo app, completely redrawn Apple Music, the new platform for communication iMessage. And that’s not all innovations.

Many iPhone and iPad users instantly rushed to install iOS 10, as the company has already provided access to version of IOS to developers. However, almost immediately it became clear to them that iOS 10 beta in its current form should not be installed on the working device – in this beta version. Users on the forums in the network reported a large number of errors in the test Assembly. The following is a list of problems that have to tolerate those who decide to install the first beta of iOS 10.

  • Restart the OS when trying to take a screenshot of the lock screen.
  • In the section of widgets on the home screen when pressing the Home may not display the widget toolbar. The icons can be moved to the right, and widgets — left.
  • In the application “Home” function does not work to set the colors of “smart” lamps.
  • The volume control does not affect the alarm clock and the master volume mode “Time to go” (the sound level remains at the maximum).
  • Do not appear in the ringtones section edit contacts.
  • The Reachability function is not working correctly on iPhone 6 Plus.
  • If you turn off the keyboard sounds, shuts off the haptic feedback feature.
  • Sometimes when you flip the iPhone 6s or the iPad Pro is locked the orientation changes. Only a reboot helps.
  • After the alarm goes off, it stays on the lock screen in a mode “to Doze” with a negative time value.
  • In some cases when you try to enter text in a Safari page scrolls down, you cannot see the text.
  • In the settings you cannot hide sections of Apple’s Music: they do not affect the application.
  • Standard application to control “smart” appliances “Home” is not compatible with devices companies EVE and August.
  • When you select signal in the Clock app, the alarm will play until then, until the app is unloaded from the multitasking drawer.
  • While talking on the phone is not working the Mute function.
  • Sometimes after using Force Touch in the day to reply to a message you have to reboot the device. Otherwise, you cannot hide from the screen keyboard.
  • the iPad Pro does not work with some accessories.
  • When you connect your iPhone to the onboard vehicle system Siri to keep talking, despite the inclusion of the option “No Voice”.
  • If you go back to the previous version of iOS, no history messages in iMessages.
  • In the section Favourites incorrectly displays photos of contacts.
  • Incorrectly triggered a double tap on the Home button: navigates to the home screen then open the multitasking bar.
  • If you try to send a PDF of your Notes and enter the note text and the tab can disappear.
  • When you press the Shift button on the keyboard can turn on Caps.
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According to numerous user reviews, the iOS 10 beta periodically noticeable lag interface, fall applications without any reason, an emergency restart of the iPhone. In fact, in its current form is an alpha version of the operating system. The main goal of this build iOS 10 to developers of applications and services could begin now to adapt to a “top ten” products.

If, however, you can’t wait to try out all the new features iOS 10, can be updated to the new OS. In July Apple will release a public version that will be spared from many problems of the current build. In any case, to wait for the official iOS version 10 for quite some time, and to downgrade to the previous version at any time.

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