Linedock review: the most expensive MacBook adapter

In the news, we talked about the Linedock dock. Judging by the reviews, you liked it, so I got it for the test and I hasten to share my impressions.


Adapter King with Power Bank for MacBook Pro

Linedock review: the most expensive MacBook adapter

Alexander Pobyvanets

December 6, 2019

I must say right away that the device is extremely specific, at least because of its price. But the possibilities are impressive: this is a docking station with a bunch of connectors, built-in Power Bank and an additional SSD. Wow!

Design and Sizes

The dock resembles a MacBook Air or Pro in size, for complete similarity only the screen is not enough. The case may be light gray or dark gray. It feels like aluminum is the same as in the original MacBooks. It is a pity that there is no cover in the kit, but you can buy it separately if you wish, although the price of $ 70 for an optional accessory somehow does not please.

Linedock review: the most expensive MacBook adapter

You can carry the dock with you, but it weighs per kilogram, so you have to train your back or arms. But if you need a mobile dock with a built-in battery, then here there are no options, I have not seen any analogues.

Linedock review: the most expensive MacBook adapterDocking station and 16-inch MacBook for size comparison

I would also like to thank the creators of the accessory for the humor: the kit comes with a special stand called “Cemetery of adapters” – seriously, as this box is called in the user manual – with holes for different adapters.

Linedock review: the most expensive MacBook adapter

The appearance of the stand is decent: it looks and feels expensive, no worse than the case of the macbook itself. We figured it out, let's see what this superdock can do.

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What's with the connectors

As for the ports, everything is in order:

SD slot
Mini DisplayPort;
HDMI 2.0
Three USB 3.0;
Three USB Type-C versions of USB 3.1 with Power Delivery support.

Linedock review: the most expensive MacBook adapter

Copy speed

During testing, it turned out that the SD-slot is extremely slow and even high-speed memory cards give out about 20 MB / s for reading and writing. This is quite a bit by modern standards, especially if you plan to copy not only photos, but also videos. So a simple process drags on for a long time.

Linedock review: the most expensive MacBook adapter

For comparison, here is the speed of the built-in reader in the iMac 5K of the sample of 2018 paired with the same card:

Linedock review: the most expensive MacBook adapter

As for the built-in SSD, this is an option – by default, the docking station goes without an additional drive. But you can choose more abruptly. There are two versions: 256 GB and 1 TB. The test sample had 256 GB SSDs, which is a little by the standards of the coming 2020.

Linedock review: the most expensive MacBook adapter

In terms of speed, everything is not as bad as in the case of the SD reader, but there is nothing to praise. In my opinion, it is easier and cheaper to buy an external SSD: it will be small, lightweight, and even faster in speed than this built-in disk.

Linedock review: the most expensive MacBook adapter

Pay attention to this small jumper – this is a special USB Type-C cable in a special format. It is included in the kit and serves to connect the dock with the MacBook. I liked such a laconic design, the plastic is flexible and you can not be afraid that you accidentally break the port. At the same time, you can use any other compatible cable if you suddenly need a long lanyard.

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Linedock review: the most expensive MacBook adapter


The battery capacity is 20,000 mAh or 71.6 Wh; for comparison, the MacBook Pro 13 has a capacity of 14,000 mAh. But consider the unavoidable losses when charging through Power Bank. Nevertheless, it is possible to charge the laptop, and there will be a margin for the phone.

Of the interesting points – the fast charge mode Saian charge (just like in the cartoon Dragon Ball Z). In this case, the MacBook Air battery will charge in an hour from zero to 70%. To start the function, double-click on the power button located on the end. To disable, you must repeat this action.

Goku Supersaiyan GIF from Goku GIFs

You can connect power supplies of various power to the docking station, the manufacturer allows the use of charges of up to 100 watts. You can charge your macbook while it is connected to the dock, and other devices. Up to six gadgets are charged simultaneously.

What Macbooks

The docking station is available in only one size and fits the latest 13-inch MacBook Air or Pro. Version development for older 15- and 16-inch laptops is still in process.

To buy or not

In Russia, Linedock with a built-in 256 GB SSD will go on sale for 49,990 rubles. Yes, the price tag is peppy, but the accessory is quite specific. In addition to a variety of connectors, we also get Power Bank, and do not forget about the nice design in the style of the MacBook Pro.

At the same time, you cannot close your eyes to shortcomings like a slow SSD and a very slow card reader. The idea was interesting, but the practical implementation turned out to be flawed.

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Nevertheless, it is encouraging that the project has come a long and complicated way from the idea to fundraising on crowdfunding, and now the unusual Linedock adapter is already on its way to the stores.

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