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Life hack: how to charge your iPhone 2x faster

Your iPhone is low, and you need to fill the battery level? You can disable mobile data, disable background app refresh or simply activate airplane mode. But there is a simpler solution that is guaranteed to help. What is the solution? Simply connect your iPhone to the power adapter from the iPad. Apple recommends to do and will this hurt the phone, more on that below.

Actually to charge the iPhone from the adapter for the iPad is not prohibited. On the Apple support page clearly says that the power adapters from tablets suitable for charging of any model iPhone or iPod.

Why the process is faster? It’s very simple. The charging speed of your iPhone battery depends on the energy source to which it is connected. You probably noticed that the charging port of the laptop comes at a snails pace. Using a more powerful adapter from iPad this process can be accelerated.

Standard charger for iPhone provides the charging current to 1 amp, and the AC adapter from your iPad supports 2.1 amps. That’s why you can charge your iPhone to 100% using powerful charger in less than an hour. But you should know that this life hack works only with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Charge more early models with an adapter from the iPad, of course, possible, but to accelerate the process will fail.

“If the previous iPhone models were limited to a capacity of 5 watts, regardless of the adapter, the new smart phones support up to 12 watts. This can significantly reduce the charging time,” writes MacRumors.

But some experts are of the opinion that too frequent charging from iPhone power adapter for iPad can shorten the battery life. Steve Sandler of AEi Systems claims that the components of the iPhone were originally designed for interaction with the current strength of 1 ampere, therefore, the impact force at 2 amps can cause rapid wear of the battery.

TechInsider has published a video in which this little life hack has been tested in practice:


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