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LG touts the modular flagship G5 slogan iPhone 6 years ago

The South Korean company LG Electronics begins sales in all key global markets, its new flagship smartphone LG unit G5. Starting from 31 March, the device will be in South Korea, April 1 – in the United States and then in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. As PhoneArena notes, LG decided to advertise their new innovative flagship slogan of Apple.

The phrase “Because it changes everything” looks suspiciously like the slogan that accompanied the 2010 release of the iPhone 4. However then Apple came to advertising more creative: “It changes everything. Again.”

The slogan of “Apple” smartphone spotted on the website of the canadian division of LG. Marketers believe that the modular construction of the LG G5 completely changes the perception of users on mobile devices. Users of the gadget can easily replace the battery, connect the camera module, high quality sound system and even virtual reality goggles.

Smartphone LG G5 was presented in February at the Mobile world Congress (MWC 2016) in Barcelona. The device is distinguished by the all-metal body with rounded edges and support plug-in modules. The model also boasts a dual camera with a viewing angle of 135 degrees, allowing you to take wide angle shots, the “Always—on Display”, the audio system Dolby Digital Plus for surround sound 7.1.

In the U.S., LG G5 will be sold to operators for about $700. In Europe, according to preliminary data, the smartphone will cost €750.

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