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LG copied the wheel Digital Crown at the Apple Watch for its new smart watch on Android Wear 2.0

9 Feb will be a presentation of new models of smart watches Google Android Wear 2.0. The device, created in collaboration with LG, will be offered in two versions – Watch, Watch Sport and Style.

As you can see from the preliminary renderam in the Network, the new watch has a wheel in the style of Apple Watch. On Apple devices it provides a convenient way to scroll content, navigation, zooming I. D. Wheel also performs the function of the Home button and Siri calls.

Apple calls the digital crown “the most revolutionary navigation tool since the Click Wheel on the iPod and multi-touch on the iPhone”. Apparently, Google has considered this method of management more convenient and abandoned the use of buttons in favor of the wheel.

“In addition to supporting iOS two new models will have one thing in common with the Apple Watch – digital crown that will be used to navigate through the interface. The touch display gadgets will be the function of handwriting recognition,” writes VentureBeat.

It is reported that the thickness of the Watch Sport model will account for 14.2 mm, but the Watch Style is 10.8 mm. Despite last year’s rumors, both devices will receive a round OLED display, but the dimensions and resolution will be different. Watch Sport model will get a display with a diameter of 1.38 inches resolution 480 x 480 pixels, while the Watch Style to settle for a screen with a diameter of 1.2 inches with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels.

In addition, the model Sport Watch features a large amount of RAM (768 MB vs 512 MB) and a more capacious battery (430 mA·h vs 240ma / h).

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Both devices are equipped with modules Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and the Sport also received the cellular modem, modules, NFC and GPS. Accordingly, the older model will support the payments service Android Pay.

The rest know about the AI Google Assistant, protection from water, the heart rate sensor Sport, as well as the presence control in the form of a wheel on the side.

The smart watch will appear the next day after the announcement, and the spread of Android Wear 2.0 on other devices will begin after that and continue into March.

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